Thursday, October 14, 2010


So its that time again...every Military family goes through it...
We are PCSing...Permanent Change in Station.

We are moving to the Everett, WA area and Wes will be stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

We have not discussed the move with Bella yet. She had a hard time understanding the concept of time and since we do not leave Hawaii until February it is too early to stress her out about it.

We will be in Paso for 2 months. In that time we hope to make a trip to Florida, another to Disneyland and give Bella her first "real" birthday party.

Even though we have just at 4 months left, there is quite a bit to do. I have opted to pause my search for work here, since even if I was offered a job at this point I would be leaving so soon that it is a waste of a company's time as well as my own.

My focus turns to getting the family prepared, making the most out of our time in Paso, and looking to setup "shop" in Washington.

Hopefully, Bella will be okay with all of this...

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